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Top Print Advertising Statistics and Effectiveness

Since the internet is literally changing the way we interact, discover and communicate with businesses and organizations, it has given the impression that traditional formats such as newspapers and magazines have become obsolete and irrelevant from a marketing point of view.

Top Radio Advertising Statistics

Radio advertising has recently changed over the past few years as it is undergoing a process of digitalization. The Internet has changed the way we consumed information and entertainment, this has provided companies with platforms to deliver radio content in more different formats such as

Top OOH Advertising Statistics

OOH advertising refers to all the advertising spot which consumers are exposed to when they are away from home. Out of home advertising is probably one of the oldest marketing formats and has been around for over 4 centuries.

Billboard Advertising Statistics

Billboard advertising refers to large banners of advertising space places outdoors or in public places. It is also called a hoarding in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. These large structures are more commonly found in motorways and areas with high traffic

Effectiveness of TV Advertising

Television advertising for many years was the favourite format for both companies and advertisers. Tv commercials have also become a creative and original way of presenting products.

Online Shopping Statistics in UK

In spite of the recent close-downs in the UK high street and companies over 200 years old such as Debenhams are going bankrupt, the internet sales have been growing consistently year after year since 2006.

Advertising Statistics 2019 – 2020

All the advertising statistics you need to know before you start any campaign. This article is a collection of the most relevant advertising statistics that you will give a deep understanding of how different advertising channel such as television, radio and PPC work so you

Social Media vs Traditional Media Statistics

Social media has changed forever the way people interact with each other and with companies too. Social media has created self-made celebrities and change the way For decades traditional media such as television, radio and magazine made a huge impact on us, transform our culture and become a tool for discovering new products and even learning.