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Our expertise relies on a solid and effective strategic approach to media buying which ultimately helps us make the most of all our placements. We always aim to achieve the largest amount of potential customers and return the most cost effective benefits.

Our integrated approach is oriented to keep all the purchasing, creative and research process under one roof, thus it helps us reduce costs, plan better and optimize campaigns faster.

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Improved measure

Thanks to the increase in programmatic buying, media buying is easier to measure and track as well as it is has simplified the acquisition process which in many occasions is controlled by software and accessed online. Therefore, our improved system of buying and optimizing media buying delivers better results.

Allocation optimization

After identifying and selecting a target audience, we aim to optimally allocate a campaign´s budget to different media sellers to achieve our goals and make the most of your budget. An estimate cost and results programme will ultimately be defined to meet goals across channels.


Full Digital Advertising Agency

We offer more than advertising services, we are proud of delivering integrated data and insights services.

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Digital TV (Youtube)

TV advertising has gone down since the internet is taking over the way we do business more and more each year. Youtube and similar streaming services such as Netflix are replacing television slowly. If you are considering to advertise on TV, think twice. For much less money you can start a more effective campaign in any of the modern digital TV funnels.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media and website are replacing what it used to be billboard and paper magazines. Bloggers and social media networks are more popular each day and have become an amazing platform for companies to advertise their products thanks to its affordable price and to the fact that its results are very easy to measure.

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Advertising & Advertisements

Many still think advertising and advertisements are the same things. It might be due to media or a conceptual misunderstanding although advertisements are shown on TV, advertising comprises many more aspects such as buying, concept creation and market research. Given the diversity of advertising and the high levels of competition, it is obvious to believe that careful research, creative planification take a strong position when advertising a product to the market.

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Digital Display Advertising

Display ads have been around for many years, animated banners and pop-up ads are among the most typical examples of display ads familiar to everyone. Display advertising is mainly defined by HTML banners carefully placed on advertorial spots on websites and online applications. The most appealing display ads are video and animated banners.


Our partners and Clients

Our strenght is our dedication to server our clients. Our ambition is grow to become the best advertising agency in the world by taking our partners as far as we can.


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We are a digital advertising agency born to innovate and challenge the current digital customer journeys to create unique and memorable advertising. Skyrocket your advertising ROI and results with creativity and passion. We specialise in leveraging the power the modern digital technologies to achieve the best results from promotional advertisements. We delivered unique and impactful messages to consumers via email, social media, Digital TV and websites and search PPC.

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