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Our expertise relies on a solid and effective strategic approach to media buying which ultimately helps us make the most of all our placements. We always aim to achieve the largest amount of potential customers and return the most cost-effective benefits.

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TV Advertising

Media buying is one of the hardest and most time-consuming parts within the advertising campaign creation as it requires clarification, research and negotiation. We will help you create this process as smooth as possible while maintaining the highest level of success.

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Print Media

Ad allocation strategy plays a crucial role in the success of any advertising campaign. Understand your audience and performing market research will create bigger chances to get the right ideal media channel for your audience.

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Radio Media

Any successful media buying campaign requires a through planification and research. Understanding your market, audience and discovering the ideal medium to publish your advertisements would be a stepping stone within the entire process.


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Media Buying





Advertising Media

Thanks to the increase in programmatic buying, media buying is easier to measure and track as well as it is has simplified the acquisition process which in many occasions is controlled by software and accessed online. Therefore, our improved system of buying and optimizing media buying delivers better results.

TV Advertising

Media Buying

Out of home advertising might seem like an obsolete practice however it is surprisingly effective and far from dead. Thanks to the digitalization of OOH, we are now able to have more control over placements. In the future, all out of home advertising including billboards will be digital which will allow media buying agencies to simplify the buying process and faster implement changes on campaigns.

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Media buying is among the top three essential parts associated with advertising. Media buying is the process of acquiring advertising slot within any media including television, magazines, newspapers and digital channels. Media is so relevant as it takes a crucial role in addressing the ideal audience within an advertising campaign.

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Let’s collaborate and make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to design and deveopment.

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A media buying process set to succeed

The media buying typically involves three steps: prelaunch, launch and post-launch. Prelaunch is comprised of several steps such as market research to identify the ideal buying persona and media discovery which helps us understand what source will be optimal to display ads – basically, it is the process of discovering the ideal media connector to an audience ( a golf magazine for a gold brand, for examples ). By choosing the right media outlets, we ensure our campaigns are programmed to success, this is why media buying plays such as a crucial role in the success of any advertising campaign.

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This step is probably the most overlooked of all the funnel stages and the one which has more potential. Because it is much exploited by companies, consumers are more receptive. The advocacy process refers to the action of turning customers into fans – just like Apple does. And you do this by delighting satisfied customers by ensuring after-sale support is efficient and adding a personal and human connection with them via social media, email or customer service support.

Media Budget Allocation

Once we understand the buying persona and what media outlets would be ideal for a campaign, an investigative process begins to determine what amounts of the budget will be sent to each outlet by forecasting what results will be received by each one of them.

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Given the diversity of advertising and the high levels of competition, it is obvious to believe that careful research, creative planification take a strong position when advertising a product to the market

Our integrated approach is oriented to keep all the purchasing, creative and research process under one roof, thus it helps us reduce costs, plan better and optimize campaigns faster.

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Creative Campaigns

Buying persona refers to your target customer. This is it, an individual would be interested in buying your product or service the most. Any successful customer acquisition process requires to successfully identify the buying persona. For any media buying agency, discovering the buying persona becomes one of the priorities.

The process of selecting and understanding which media outlets would be ideal for a particular campaign come second to none in any of the steps with the advertising campaign ideation. We aim to make this process as smooth as possible by blocking and outlining what matters most within the strategy.

Having a deep knowledge of a market and an audience would not be enough to successfully advertise a brand or company, it requires a deep understanding of media outlets and their audiences. During the research process, we analyze media’s audience insight including age, size, income and similar interests in order to optimize ads.

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If you are looking for an ambitious, determined company full of dreamers and creative whose major goal is to make its client market leader, you will find it in Top Media Advertising. We offer a personal relationship with our clients and a unique and genuine approach to our strategies.