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Top Print Advertising Statistics that will blow your mind

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Since the internet is literally changing the way we interact, discover and communicate with businesses and organizations, it has given the impression that traditional formats such as newspapers and magazines have become obsolete and irrelevant from a marketing point of view. Needless to say that more and more people are turning to digital formats however traditional advertising formats such as magazine, billboards and direct mail are still relevant and effective when it comes to marketing and brand promotion.

Traditional channels are perceived by consumers as more trustworthy as opposed to online media. And on many occasions, they deliver the highest return on investment. These so-called traditional formats are still important to build a successful advertising campaign and they should be used in combination with other digital resources to maximize their impact on consumers.

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Newspapers and magazines have 63% of popularity among consumers while the Internet has just 25%

There are some news outlets in the market such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian. That has developed a solid reputation over the course of the years. The domestic use of the Internet is relatively young compared to all those media giants which have helped printed media outrank its digital counterpart when it comes to popularity.

61% of readers trust newspapers ads as opposed to 42% who give credibility to online ones

Needless to say that users trust more ads on printed media than on other digital resources. Unfortunately, the Internet has grown a reputation for spammy and shady since its early days when suspicious websites and company of dubious legality filled thousands of pages with scammy services and poor products. Such reputation is slowly changing and it has definitely improved but it is still far away from consolidated and reputed sources like The Times, Life magazine and a multitude of others that are in the market. When it comes to making a purchase, 82% of US consumers trust ads on printed media whereas this figure drops slightly when it is about printed mail, with 76% of survey people trusting the mail they received. On the other hand, only 24% of them admit to trust pop-up ads. Printed media is definitely one of the best channels to build trust among your consumers.

By combining print and digital ads, it will make online campaigns 400 % more effective

Digital marketing is new, trendy and hyped. It is easy to measure results, offers programmatic buying and anyone can start a campaign from just one pound. However, in order to create an impact on digital users, they must be exposed to your ad between 5 to 7 times. Campaigns that combining both digital and traditional advertising channels have proven to be four times more effective than those ones just employing digital resources to generate consumers engagement.

In general, 80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of emails is disregarded (just 20% is read)

When it comes to email and direct mail, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of direct mail which delivers a much higher open rate than electronic marketing email. Spam boxes unsubscribe preferences and a bad reputation have granted email marketing a bad reputation which ultimately has resulted in a low engagement rate. On the other hand, direct mail has managed to maintain a high engagement rate.

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The average response rate for printed mail is 4.4% as opposed to 0.12% for emails

When it comes to response and lead, print advertisements also have the best figures. Direct printed mail’s response rate is in a good condition nowadays. Besides, 79% of consumers have a positive and immediate reaction to a brand’s direct mail. Other channels such as digital advertising do not have such as a strong engagement rate. Print mail is not considered as promotional as it used to be and consumers minds have a more positive attitude towards it, closer to that of native advertising or informative content. Thanks to this, its response rate is relatively high.

95 per cent of people under 25 read magazines

Here in the UK, the tabloid publication is among the top best-selling newspapers. Sundays are the day of the week when most newspapers are sold. In the USA the Times revenue surpasses 1.7 billion dollars a year. Although they have suffered a drop since many readers have become digital consumers, printed magazines and printed news still possess a healthy and solid market share.

Consumers who receive print mail promoting online sites spend 13% more than those who just receive digital info

At this point, you might have understood that marketing is all about multichannel, just investing on digital ads such as Google or Facebook will not deliver the best results. YOu must combine those with traditional channels which have a better reputation and gives another opportunity to increase brand awareness.

46% per cent of readers uses print and digital formats

A study conducted in 13 European countries to understand how people use print and digital publication and how much of each format they actually consume show some interesting facts on:

  1. 23% of surveyed people were mainly print consumers that regularly used digital publication too
  2. 46% usually consume both equally print with digital
  3. 19% were mainly digital users with a positive opinion on print media
  4. just 12% were exclusively digital users and had no interests print media

Consumers habits on newspapers and magazines have changed a lot since the rise of the digital technologies, printed media consumerism have dropped notably and many have turned into digital versions and social media to find out about current affairs and trends.

70% of American prefer to read printed mail

Many think that printed mail is dead and irrelevant as a marketing tool, however considering how high their response rate of direct mail is and how positively consumers perceive it. Printed mail has proved to be effective and affordable way of advertising. Statistics show that 70% of Americans prefer to read printed mail and 67% will choose it over over digital.

People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online

When it comes to creating a memorable impression on the consumer, print is definitely more effective than digital formats. It is probably the fact online users get inundated with banners, popup window, sign-ups and emails that make it much harder to create an impact on them.

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Print is more engaging

We are more likely to spend more time on paper publication than websites. With windows popping up, ads, links and lots of distractions online, it is much harder to stay on a website than what it is to keep reading a paper source. Several neuroscientific studies have shown that print is easier to understand, more memorable, more stimulating, and makes the reader more receptive to purchase versus digital.

Direct mail and print media advertising remain quite strong and effective channels to combine with other digital formats ideally to achieve better results. Underestimating how this can help you improve your marketing efforts and help both convert more consumers and build brand awareness could undermine your strategy. Big brands like Lóreal spend millions a year on advertising in magazines and newspapers because they deliver a high return on investment. If you are looking to start a print media campaign, contact us.